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May 31

Dear Sir
Your article creates a very false impression of the development.
Clearly your reporter has not visited the development for some considerable time.
Ninety-nine per cent of the original house is now sold and occupied permanently or as holiday homes; the gardens are now well established. The roads and pavements have been repaired or resurfaced, street lights are all working.
The council is suing Bertolin over finishing off items.
Each year of the nine years I have owned, the development has improved.
A visit by your staff reporter would provide him or her of how far the development has progressed.

Tony Jerman

Dear Tony
I have friends living in Gata Residencial, but they were most attracted to the estate because they would have no neighbours. They told me recently this situation is unchanged, and it feels like a ghost town. This is something they seem happy with, and they rarely see any holiday-home owners coming and going in the part of the development they live in.
This said the urbanisation is vast and it is likely some streets are more inhabited than others.
On my visit, the area certainly seemed very clean and well maintained, but I do not believe I gave the impression it was otherwise in my story.
Given that the urbanisation is unfinished, it will clearly be lacking in some areas. Councils tend to prefer to cut their losses and ‘adopt’ urbanisations which are technically complete and habitable, as they are then able to charge local taxes to all the owners. As Gata de Gorgos has not chosen to do this, the council clearly considers necessary elements remain absent.

Samantha Kett

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