Brexit passport rule changes

European parliament’s chief Brexit coordinator, Guy Verhofstadt has pointed out that there was no Brussels legislation that dictated the colour of our passports

BRITISH people travelling within the European Union should be aware passport validity rules will change after December 31 because of Brexit.
During the current transition period, UK passports are valid for travel anywhere in the 27-member EU bloc up to and including the date of expiry.

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  1. I would like to know if El Campello news is in either Costa Blanca news
    North or South.
    I am in Vancouver Canada and spend 6-7 weeks every year in Campello and when in Vancouver would like to possibly purchase an epaper subscription for the edition that covers El Campello.


    • I regret you think €2,20 is expensive considering the almost 100 pages of news, advice and features – plus a TV supplement – you get for that amount.
      Sadly, the price of the newspaper does not even cover the entire cost of its production which includes professional journalists, layout specialists, photographers and other members of staff adding up to over 50 people. Not to metion taxes etc, which are paid in full by our company that does everything legally and with VAT.
      In sincerly hope you take all this into account to continue to enjoy a quality read you can trust every week.
      Best regards

      • I thought it VALUE for money as it only once a week and covers everything ..normal uk papers are stupid price and gives you no idea as to what going on in spain .so realy sorry to disagree but it great . there are freebies full of ads rest of week .but nothing as in depth as costa Blanca…..

  2. I dont think it is too expensive for what you get, but I do miss it when I am back in England I did get a copy every week sent to England a few years ago on a special offer but this offer expired (as offers do)


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