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May 27, 2016

To the Editor
I was surprised to read Dave Jones’s story about his referendum postal vote experience. And on the previous page the letter from (Name and address withheld) about their passport problems.
I posted back our postal votes to Chorley Borough Council on Wednesday, 25th May.
We had received the voting papers the day before.
In the post office waiting for me was a registered package which contained my renewed passport. In a separate package I found my old passport!
I have developed a cynical streak in my old age and expected problems for both these activities. However I can only praise Chorley Borough Council for making the whole process seamless.
From my initial on-line request, they have sent emails explaining what to expect and when. Accepting a margin of error for the postal service, everything went to plan. My cynical streak still worries about the probability of our votes being counted! My passport experience was equally seamless.
The Government web site is in Beta version. This basically means that it is in trial mode. The end user is effectively doing the final testing. I found that it was easy to use and performed perfectly for me. I was using a Mastercard credit card and not a Visa card.
The site asks for feedback. I replied that I had no problems and found it easy to use.
Perhaps ‘name and address withheld’ should explain what problems they had in the site’s feedback section. As a father and grandfather of two web designers, I know the government designers will want this information.
A good experience tells them nothing, they want to know about the warts.

Cliff Bell

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