Year on year success in DOP Yecla


By Colin Harknes
I was very disappointed last year to have to turn down another invitation to serve on the judging panel of the Annual Denominación de Origen Yecla (DOP Yecla). A short stay in hospital for a knee replacement and a long recuperation post-op period put paid to that!
However, whilst I wouldn’t say I’m back to full fitness now, I’d certainly able walk, drive – and taste wines, of course (the latter didn’t need that much time!). So, when and invitation came a couple of months ago, I sent my acceptance and, of course, my thanks.
It’s an honour for an immigrant to be asked to help judge a prestigious event such as this. For the DOP Yecla ruling council (Consejo Regulador) to put their trust in somebody from a foreign country is praise indeed, bringing with it a responsibility too. In fact readers may remember that I have ‘previous’ with regard to this competition (and others) so I must have acquitted myself reasonably well on previous occasions. Nevertheless, the first time I was asked must have been a bit of a ‘fingers crossed’ gamble.

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