Hands typing on vintage typewriter on wooden table.

My eyes no longer see you
Our lips no longer touch
My heart has lost its passion
Drifting alone and lost so much.
My arms no longer hold you
They’re lost without that hug
Eyes that no longer see you
Their tears could fill a jug.
Our eyes will never meet again
Such closeness every day
Images my eyes no longer see
Since you were called away.
There was room within my heart
For you always to remain
But since you left that void within
That hole has filled with pain.
Two hearts that used to beat as one
Are now splintered into two
Half of this heart has emptiness
The other half died with you.
There is no love left in my heart
I always shared it all with you
Tenderness within my heart has left
What is this fractured heart to do?
I now walk our pathways lonely
Fingers, no more hand in hand entwine
No loving heart alongside me
No warm hand clasped in mine.
As my lonely night-time arrives again
In hushed darkness, oblivion I seek
But my mind returns to loving times
As warm tears roll down my cheek.
Soft shadows trace pictures of you
With images of you, I’m kept awake
My thoughts always return to you
As trips down memory lane I take.
Why do my dreams keep me awake
Or is it now inside my dreams I seek
A love taken to soon, from my life
As from my eyes, warm teardrops leak.
Images of you drift round my head
Am I asleep or does my mind awaken
As I lie each night alone in bed
I know not which, I am forsake.

With regards from
Mick Scarles (SW19 expat)


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