Tourist or a Local


Here Autumn or Winter on the Costa Blanca
is where you will find
The clothes fashion never collides,
In fact they go side by side!

The tourists arrive so excited to see the sun,
Into their swimsuits, and bikinis galore
Sun hats, sun cream, beach chairs, parasols,
Off to the beach which they adore.
They don’t realize how cold it will be
While they are dreaming of swimming in the sea!

As they walk along Benidorm Promenade,
Now in their T Shirts and shorts,
Too proud to acknowledge how cold it is turning
Out by the sea shore as they walk up and down.
The difference in fashion is now to be seen!

The Locals are dressed up to the Nines!
Wearing long boots, skirts or trousers,
Warm sweaters, and scarves, and big coats,
As they know how cold it going to be
While walking along Benidorm Promenade!

As for me, yes I have been known
To garden in my bikini in the sun
But as I’m getting older and perhaps wiser,
A local I would prefer to be!

Thermals are the order of the day, Long John’s
Vest with sleeves, sometimes matching sometimes
Black and white, Who knows? Only God and me,
Polar neck sweater, keeping the neck warm is best,
Trousers, or long skirt and boots, Fleece or warm coat
Woolly hat, especially if one’s hair is thin on the ground!

The Moral of my story is when you’re visiting us here
On the Costa Blanca, No one will ever mind
Which side of fashion you decide
Being a Tourist or a Local for the day,
When you walk along Benidorm Seafront
Looking at the tide!

@ anonymous

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