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Playa Flamenca
December 6, 2017

I recently went to the panto Cinderella presented by the ADAPT theatre group in San Pedro del Pinatar and thoroughly enjoyed the evening, but one line from the panto really struck a chord. The town crier was to announce the Palace Ball but cried out in jubilation “Orihuela Costa to announce Independence from Orihuela City”, which nearly brought the house down with cheers and clapping in agreement. The town crier went on to say “Oh that’s next week’s news”, then announced the Palace Ball. Was this in jest?
Well, with Orihuela City having to cancel the Pink Ladies annual Santa parade and the Tasha appeal street market at the last moment after months of planning and advertising due to the “lack of police”!
How can the residents of Orihuela Costa sleep comfortably in their beds at night? NOT ENOUGH police. Is this a ticket for the criminal element to run riot on the Costa.
Isn’t it time to say enough is enough and take control of our own destiny and part with our “panto” governors in real life? Then we might have some say in things like building control, clean streets and environment, a proper functioning police/ambulance/fire service, and when this is done, somewhere to bury our dead and somewhere to hold our own pantomime with proper facilities.
So come on you local politicians, let’s have what the residents are calling for – our own Brexit or Costa Exit.

T J Sawkins

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