Motorhome parking


February 3

Dear sir,
A recently introduced law now forbids the overnight parking of any motorhome on any street in Calpe. This has had the result of clearing the streets of the ‘wild campers’ who live in their vans parking on the roads, sometimes for months, with all their resultant problems. It has also produced an unexpected and costly problem for us.
We come to Calpe to spend the three winter months in this vibrant and friendly town and have done so for many years. We travel from home in our motorhome stopping at various campsites en route but here we rent a flat.
The campsites in this town, though good are usually full, very crowded and can be some way from the centre. Being elderly, we need to be near the restaurants and shops.
The flat we rent includes a parking place but this, as is common, has a height restriction and we cannot use it . Previously we have parked in the street using our van for shopping and trips while living in the flat. Now, due to the new law we must rent additional private parking for our van. This is not only difficult to find, it is expensive – €70 – €100 a month.
Surely, as tourists who add considerably to the economy of the town, Calpe must want to attract us and others like us, rather than discourage.
Is there no solution to this problem?

Ron and Jayne Ibbotson

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