Prompt reply to Calpe letter


August 17

I must tell you that I had an almost instant reply from Carole Saunders (Ayuntamiento) after you published my letter about the new rules for scooters and mobility vehicles. I am to rest assured that the new rules will not apply to my little electric horse! I pointed out to her that many of the cycle lanes are in need of some attention but she doubted there would be enough money this year for renovations.
I also offer my sincere apologies if my letter addressed to ‘A Calpe Councillor ‘, then addressed to Carole Saunders, in any way indicated I or your readers should assume that Mrs Saunders was a current member of Calpe council.
On or off the council, Carole has been of inestimable value in giving advice, sorting out problems, and helping us to enjoy our life in Calpe.

Thank you, Carole.
Peter Purvey

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