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November 25

I also read with disbelief the letter from Mr M P Davin regarding Muslims at Xmas.
I spent nearly 40 years in the Middle East, and apart from Saudia and Kuwait, Christmas was always celebrated – Dubai malls with all the nativity scenes, reindeers, Father Xmas, and grottos for the kids (the Arab children also in the queue, and the ladies, some in abaya, waiting their turn). Oman was the same as Bahrein, Qatar and all United Arab Emirates.
Every year for ten years I ran the manger scene with welders as the shepherds, etc, a young girl from the American School as Mary, all the sheep and camels and cows readily available. As many Arabs as expats each year.
Even in Kuwait and Saudia, in secret, the expats’ camp held their celebrations (don’t get caught drinking flash), though I presume Mr Davin was in these two countries outside the expat area. Forty per cent or more Christians are in Egypt, and in Iran very low key, there are Christians.
I think that Mr M P Davin should again look at his letter before sending any more mail.

J B Fielding

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