Happy Christmas
‘Twas many thousand years ago
When ancient man sat in the snow
And pondered on the length of day
Not knowing what we know today
He’d noticed that the days grew shorter
And snow and ice had replaced water.
It worried him until he saw
A day when there’s not less, but more
Sunshine as the sun grew stronger
And the day length getting longer
So ancient man now celebrated
With ancient woman, whom he dated.

Each year they took some winter solace
A few days after winter solstice
This ancient festival of light
Adopted as a Christian rite
Has now been hijacked once again
For profit by all those profane
Companies who find some reason
To target sales at this cold season.
Now a mix from many nations
Have many different celebrations
But it’s Merry Christmas we wish you
Enjoy it as you want to do.
By Chris King – Moraira

Rita Hamilton

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