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August 15

Hi there,
Just finished reading your interesting, and informative piece in this week’s CBN. Congratulations on your T.I.E. success. My wife and I have locked away in the safe our original green A4 certificates obtained in 2008. Which superseded the residencia cards that we had before them.
While I am fully aware that we are fully legal, and will remain so at the end of this year, we may well in the future, when all has calmed down, decide to change to the new card. This would mainly be due to them being much easier to carry around in either wallet, or purse.
My question, tapping into your vast knowledge, is…do you think in time, these cards will be organised, and distributed at your nearest National Police Station, as was our original Residencias back in 1993-2008, and then our A4 greens. It made the process much easier, and would eliminate hordes of people descending on Alicante.

I would be interested in your opinion, on this possibility.

G.D. Johnson.

Hello Mr Johnson,
Thank you for your email and query. I’m afraid I don’t have a ‘vast knowledge’ of any subject, let alone residency procedures.
I would be ‘guessing’ in any answer I give you.
But my own opinion would be that it would be difficult to roll the process out to branch offices due to the electronic fingerprinting procedure which has to be done for the cards.
I imagine it would require investment in additional machinery, at a time when the government is very short of money.
Personally, I can’t see it happening in the short term, but that of course is not ‘gospel’ and only the opinion of someone who stood in the queue.
Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

All the best,
Dave Jones


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