War for Gibraltar


April 2, 2017

Wow, on British TV today I heard that our Minister for Defence, Michael Fallon, states that at ALL costs Gibraltar must be defended against the nasty Spanish.
I am ready for this. My home town is the major naval port of the UK and I am expecting a big effort to be launched from there.
As someone who after leaving school was a civilian working for the Navy, they can be relied on, despite HMS Ark Royal and so many before being reduced to tin cans in a government cost-cutting process.
Maybe the Isle of Wight ferry could be recommissioned to assist – a bit of the Dunkirk spirit which I remember, having been used to wartime rations. As an ex member of the WRAF, I call on all others here to form not another “Dad’s Army” but perhaps “Granny’s Gang”. I have searched out my old beret and my veterans badge. We could then travel down the coast and form a line across the zebra crossing. This would prevent the Guardia Civil from accessing OUR British sanctuary which they are determined to acquire including Morrison’s supermarket.
Unfortunately, this will also stop residents from Gibraltar crossing into La Linea to get cheap fresh fruit and veg and good cheap wine.
But as they say in another of those ghastly EU countries: “C’est la vie”.


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