Romanian wines overcoming the perception block


Q. What do the following have in common: an English lady, living in Scotland; an Italian lady, living in Germany; an English man living in Spain; and an Austrian man, living, well in Austria, actually?

A. Romania!
I’ve just returned from a hectic press trip to Romania, meeting up, for the first time, with fellow wine writers, respectively (minus me!): Carol Brown, Adriana Cartolano and Jürgen Schmücking, organised by Clementine Communications, on behalf of their client Phillip Cox, CEO of Cramele Recas Winery, Banat, Romania.
My colleagues had never visited Romania before, though they all had tasting experience with, and knowledge of, Romanian wines. Regular readers will know that I’m a seasoned traveller to Romania (well, be fair, I have been once!), so I knew what a super time we were going to have!

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