Up against bureaucracy in Spain


May 15, 2018

Dear Sirs
Once again, up against the bureaucracy in Spain. My wife’s S1 duly sent to Spanish office in Denia over a year ago.
A letter from the Pension’s Office in UK requests that we ask them to reply to S1. Two visits to Denia office requesting them to reply to UK but to no avail. I called the Pensions Office in UK today to ask has Spain replied. The answer, still no. This is I thought, a problem for Spain as they would not be receiving any funds from UK towards healthcare. But, I was told that until Spain replies, my wife if she travels back to UK for any reason, would not be eligible for free NHS treatment if needed.
So, once again off to Denia with a note written in Spanish. Third time lucky. I would like to point out that my wife is receiving excellent care here and has her Sip card. Come on Spain, €4,000 to €5,000 going begging for you.

Dave Peachey

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