Sunday openings reply


May 11, 2018

I think John needs to move with the times, what century does he live in?
All things change, life changes, not always for the better, we either move and embrace these changes or get left behind with our then outdated views.
I managed a dozen or more major electrical stores in England when Sunday opening was in its infancy, the staff never had to work, it was voluntary, as they got extra pay many opted to work but some did not; we therefore employed many Sunday staff.
When I was a child the family always got together for the Sunday roast lunch, but look around, this tradition along with many others is fading out, now it’s fast foods that incidentally are open Sundays!
Sunday opening should be allowed for those who wish to work, we have freedom of speech how about freedom to work.
Everybody’s ideas may be different; we should never force our individual view of life on others.
Some people need to work for the extra income as with the young lady I recently met in our local supermarket explained, the extra money she earned on Sundays was to help with her travelling expenses to and from college.

Just my views

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