Unfair traffic fine

June 11
I discovered I had a traffic violation on the website Busca Multas. Apparently, I had committed a traffic violation in Barcelona, I had not been in the country at the time let alone Barcelona (hadn’t been there in over 20 years!).
I had not received a fine in the post but I did have a Correos notification, but it had long since gone back to the sender when I discovered it on my return to Spain.
My lawyer eventually got my fine for me from the Barcelona city hall it had risen from €200 to €600, as I hadn’t identified the driver! How could I! He advised I paid the fine even though I was innocent, as it would keep rising.
Eventually after almost 8 months I got a letter from the head of the fines department in Barcelona telling me I hadn’t committed any offence and that I was entitled to my money back, that letter was received in August 2018 and despite many requests for my refund I am still waiting for my money back.
My lawyer can’t get the refund either.
This is as bad as many of the scams that you hear of nowadays and I want to make your readers aware of what can happen.
I find it very sad because I love Spain and all its people but this is so unfair!
Robert Currie

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