Beach bars at Punta Prima


July 26, 2017

My name is John and my wife and I, for many years, have enjoyed the chill-out holiday mood of being able to sit and watch the world go by at the beach-hut bars of Punta Prima at the Nautilus.
We arrived in Spain the other day to go down to enjoy some cocktails, but alas, we found the bars closed up and a sign saying ‘Closed by order of the town hall’.
As we have been customers of these bars for years to soak up that holiday atmosphere, we would love to know if they are temporarily closed or if this is now a permanent feature.
The area along there seems dead now as a result.
We hope that Costa Blanca News may be able to shed further light on this for us, and indeed maybe you have already written an article in previous editions.
We are from Ireland and visit the area very regularly and have been doing for some 17 years now.
We are hoping that the eyesore apartments of Sea Senses have not contributed to the closure of these bars. As they have been in existence before a single piece of earth was moved to build those so-called progress behemoths that are Sea Senses.

Kind regards
John from Dublin
Loyal customer of Sunrise Chill Out

Although these venues have been popular with residents and tourists for several years, it was discovered that they were operating ‘without any kind of authorisation’, deputy mayoress Fanny Serrano told CBNews. South edition readers can see the full story on p8.

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  1. Dear sirs
    Re syzzane o connel repirt bars punta prima bars
    Suzzanes comments are very correct
    Using a sledge hammer to crack a nut plus unfair selection

    Has Serrano calculated the Cost to the area
    If by putting basic analysis cost as below
    Approx 500 people per day attended the bars
    Including bar spend approx 10 Euro per person on 300 days = 1.5 million Euro spend
    Estimate other surrounding local bars restaurants on people that don’t go home after the music
    100 people 20 Euro each = 600k
    Taxis estimate 40 per day at 10 Euro 240k
    Total total 2.34 million euros lost
    The loss of further revenue of people not retuning is not countable

    The bars kept the area clean of dog crap and junkies
    This will now deteriorate back to this unfortunate state
    Rumours arr rife that they were targeted due to an official now being resident in the new apartment block on the front
    We then read Serrano is planning an orchestra concert in the park for a privilalidged 100 people
    Not only is she losing the community
    money she is now costing the community money

    Does this councilor realise the damage she has done



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