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May 7

Dear Sir,

I would like to make readers aware of the sheer bureaucracy of the Spanish legal system which has severely shocked me and left me totally confused.

My husband died only six weeks ago. I feel as if I have first been caught up in a whirlwind, which has now turned into an ongoing nightmare.

Here in Spain if there is no will left by the person who dies then the remaining heirs – family, children etc. are left with a tremendous mess with tonnes of paperwork to be filled in and bills to be paid and sorted out.

Therefore, being naive on this subject at the time, I did not realise that my husband’s tax declaration for last year, plus Suma bills etc. all have to be paid up to date by the remaining spouse.

And if there are any vehicles or property, etc. that is a whole new ballgame and is very complicated as vehicles all require a change of ownership plus up to date Suma tax just to be able to sell them.

The point I would like to put across is that people should get all there paperwork in order and get a Spanish will sorted before anything happens as it’s a very stressful and unpleasant time to go through when you’re trying to grieve for a loved one and don’t need the extra hassle.

So please make that appointment now, it’s not something to be left till next week or put off till next month.

Name withheld

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