The cost of living

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May 18

Dear editor,

Why is the cost of living so high? The price of fuel, electricity and gas is down to almost pre-Ukraine war levels. So what’s the excuse?

The war was the main reason, or so authorities said, that everything went up in price including foodstuffs as they had to be transported to the different supermarkets and the price of diesel was extortionate.

Now fuel prices have dropped, the price of food continues to rise steeply in the big supermarkets. Of course the government doesn’t really care as the higher the price of food, the more VAT they rake in.

Supposedly they lowered the VAT on basic foodstuff, something which I really haven’t noticed had any effect at all on my weekly shop. I really don’t understand either how it’s cheaper to eat a kilo of prawns than a few salmon fillets or an entrecote. A kilo of prawns is also cheaper than a ready roasted chicken.

Maybe it’s time to support small village shops, but again having supported a small village bar last weekend and after having a few tapas, we were charged €60, hardly cheap either.


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