Nightmare visits to UK

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May 17

Dear Editor,

I have lived and worked in Spain for many years and consider it my home.

I get regular pressure from my family to travel back to the UK and visit them. Last year I went back twice, mainly for a big birthday and poor health.

Each time was a nightmare although not this end, Alicante airport is absolutely professional compared to the uproar and lack of interest of English airports. The airlines treat you like cattle. Years ago, starting your holiday at the airport at the duty free, a glass of something fizzy was a pleasure and something to look forward too.

Even when you leave the airport, there are no trains, (even though most train drivers are on £100,000 plus a year), no transport unless you pay for a taxi which is almost as much, if not more then the flight cost.

On the M25 you have people claiming to be helping the planet by chaining themselves to bridges, or anything else to hold up traffic.

Is there anyone happy out there? After the last few years, I would have thought everyone would be happy to be back at work. I am getting pressure to go back in June for a birthday, honestly I am not interested. Not because I don’t love my family, it’s the thought of going through all that hassle, bearing in mind when we first moved to Spain we thought England was only a couple of hours away. Easy to travel.

How wrong were we !!

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