Spanish passport renewal

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May 30

My daughter was born in Spain and has Spanish nationality and when she first got her Spanish passport a few years ago, both myself (I am British) and her father (Spanish) had to be present at the appointment to get the passport.

Now that I need to renew it, both of us still have to be present at the Benidorm police station, which is responsible for issuing passports (and Spanish DNI documents). It seems ridiculous that in this day and age, when so much can be done online, this is still a necessity here in Spain.

Would it not be enough to have a signed authorisation from the parent who is unable to attend? It can be difficult for parents to get time off work to attend appointments and seems a bit old fashioned.

I understand the need in the case of one parent taking a child/children out of the home without the other’s consent but surely there is an easier way.

Having said that, perhaps the price of UK passports is so high because of all the staff needed to process the online applications – perhaps that’s why the Spanish passport is cheaper.

Slightly frustrated mother

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