Stalemate for Pego golf urbanisation plans


Controversial plans for a huge urbanisation and golf course next to a nature reserve have been halted now the regional government has declared the paperwork ‘out of date’.

The required environmental impact survey for the Pego Golf estate was presented in April 2008, although a developer was not given the contract for another five years.

Inversiones Patrimoniales La Marina, S.L., which was awarded the job in 2013, never started the project, and the plans were shelved.

Pego’s coalition local government decided to revive the development last year, sparking an outcry from opposition party Compromís, who argued that isolated mountainside urbanisations went out of fashion before the financial crisis, and that the effects on the 120-hectare Marjal wetland reserve directly across the road would be devastating.

Full report in Friday’s Costa Blanca News


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