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May 30

Dear Editor,
I just thought I would write you a light-hearted letter with a happy ending instead of all the doom and gloom we are so used to hearing these days.

The other night I was downstairs in my house, my dog was running madly up and down the swimming pool area barking and barking, so I finally wandered in there and he had his head down a hole under the pool, I quickly wondered what he was doing and pulled him out only to find two tiny little kittens, my first reaction was to take them and look after them but we thought about it and they were so tiny we decided to leave them there and let the mother cat come back and feed them.

I promised myself that if they were still there alone at first light the next morning, we would take them. Anyway, the next morning, you guessed it, yes, they were still there, crying a lot at this point, so we quickly got them out, wrapped them up to keep them warm and went to have them checked out, getting our strict instructions from the vet on how to look after them and what to feed them.

Anyway, four days later the kittens are thriving and full of life, we have named these beautiful babies Coco and Chanel and hope to be able to keep them.

Yours sincerely
Debbie Sutton


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