March 18, 2018

Dear Sir,
Re: Issue 2284 – Tom Draper’s Russophobia
Until recently, PM Theresa May was an unpopular politician because of her disastrous Brexit negotiations. Suddenly, she’s the leader of a ‘nation under attack’. Tom Draper lauds her resolute speech in Parliament (CBN March 16-22) by socking it to the Ruskies: ‘The Sergei Skripal poisoning is a direct act against our country – or the
Russians lost control of a military nerve agent and allowed it to get into the hands of others…’
Coincidence that the imaginary ‘Russian threat’ seems to happen at the right time to save the Tory government? The PM’s uncorroborated accusations in Parliament and Draper’s fake news are unmasked by the fact that the Novichok agent was developed and tested in Uzbekistan and subsequently the site was decontaminated by US specialists. (Did the PM in her Parliament address refer to US intelligence agencies by assuming Novichok got into the hands of others?).
Craig Murray, a former British diplomat, quoted one of the Novichok creators: “The chemical components of Novichok are ordinary organophosphates that can be made at commercial chemical companies that manufacture such products as fertilizers and pesticides. The British government knows this”.
If the agent used in the Skripal attack has been developed and manufactured by Britain, in contravention of the OPCW agreement that would explain the suspicious delay by British authorities in sharing samples with Russia and also the panic on realising they had been stitched up from within. The mediocrity of the PM’s aides, by hastily initiating a smear campaign against Russia shortly before today’s re-election of the incredible ‘Vlad’ (Putin), is being underlined by the fact that the low-level defector Skripal had already passed all sensitive information he had to British intelligence and hence no longer posed a threat to Moscow. Obviously, the attack was carried out to cause an international scandal with the intent to calumniate Vlad’s reputation and humiliate Russia.
PM May uses basically Blair’s political playbook, the one, that successfully got Britain into the Iraq War. May is doing her best to get the UK into a military confrontation with a nuclear power. Hopefully, a new ‘Chilcot Inquiry’ commences before and not after the Tory Russophobes and western media push Britain past the point of no return.
Finally, instead of forcing out of the country Russian diplomats, the British government should expel and declare ‘personas non grata’ the staff of all Israeli diplomatic and commercial missions in the UK. Recently, the German weekly ‘Der Spiegel’ featured an interview with Ronen Bergman, chief correspondent on military affairs of the Israeli newspaper ‘Yedioth Ahronoth’ and at the same time author of the book ‘Der Schattenkrieg’ (The Shadow War). Bergman reveals on 864 pages that the Israeli intelligence agency MOSSAD, (motto: Murder is our Business), during its 50-year-existence deployed worldwide Jewish death squads who assassinated 3,000 so-called ‘enemies’ of the Jewish state. Bergman admitted, a great deal of the victims were innocent bystanders, referred to as ‘collateral damage’…
In the light of the foregoing, who is the real threat to the UK?

Best regards,
Wilfried Weissmann

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  1. I just knew on reading your letter that you would blame the “Jews”, not the first time for you though is it W. Weismann from Cartegena. I don’t think you like them very much, am I right?.


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