Time’s up for daylight saving?


March 18, 2018

Dear Editor,
The European Parliament called for an investigation into daylight saving time on health grounds on February 8, following other legislatures scrutinizing the practice of changing clocks every year. Here’s more.
n The European case: Critics of moving clocks an hour forward every summer say it disturbs human biorhythms. Supporters say the practice has benefits, like preventing traffic accidents, and a 20014 study found that the overwhelming majority of EU member states were happy with it.
n The American case: In the US, states that wish to end daylight saving time must petition Congress, as Arizona did in 1968. However, some states want DST to last all year; California and Florida are either considering or pushing bills that would move the clocks an hour forward permanently.
n The Russian case: Russia switched to permanent winter time in 2014 after a failed experiment to put clocks on year-round summer time in 2011. The policy apparently caused health issues in northern Russia, where mornings would remain darker for longer during the winter months.
Source: “Time Magazine”(International)

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Richard M.McBride


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