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March 17, 2018
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I understand that the new Murcia (Corvera) airport is going to increase tourism to the area.
Who thought that one up? It would have been well placed to serve the Paramount theme park, (which was why it was built) but not for the coastal tourism which the current San Javier airport is perfectly placed for.
I for one will not be using it, (and many others I suspect). I will fly into Alicante airport when it (if it ever does) open.
I suspect if it does open, to be a complete flop, tourists will avoid the coastal region here and the airport will be closed again in 2 or 3 years, by which time irreparable damage will have been done to tourism in the region.
Another job well done!

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  1. On the contrary, there is a thriving community close to Covera which has been awaiting the opening of this airport for a long time. Alicante is not convenient for us and flights into San Javier are very limited now from many parts of the UK since the demise of Monarch. We are looking forward to a new and prosperous era for our corner of Spain

  2. Spain built too many airports in the boom time. We have another one up by Valencia similar to Corvera. I think Corvera will do ok. I also think the Murcia Airport will stay open but take in a lot fewer flights.

  3. Monarch flew into Alicante not San Javier,The impression given by the politicians when Corvera was first mooted that this new airport would be a gateway to the World was promoted by people with little or no knowledge of the requirements that modern aircraft need i.e. runway lengths etc. San Javier has never made any pretensions of grandeur, It does what it (says on the tin ) creates a pleasant efficient, very convenient, gateway to the MAR MENOR tourist locations, the clue is in the name.Having worked in the aviation industry in the management of one of Europes major hub airports, i am of the opinion that this Corvera plan should have been scrapped when it became obvious that the Paramount and the huge developments around the coastal areas along the almost unused southern section of the motorway between Cartagena and Vera were cancelled.


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