Referendum choice


June 29

Oh Dear Peter Henham, I really didn’t realise that having voted to join the EU (Common Market if you are a youngster) in the 1970s that our birth country, via their contribution, keeps it all together now.
There was a democratic vote to take us out you say. How democratic, I say, since I was denied a vote in that process because I had been out of the UK for 15 years. I assume you are much younger than myself. I have served in the Armed Forces, sworn allegiance to the Crown yet often told to be ‘unpatriotic’. Hope you have done the same.
For many decades, the British have been involved in schemes that sent their nationals to other countries. My Father was one of those sent as a juvenile migrant to Australia in the 1930s.
In this 21st. century, I can’t imagine why the British want to be so isolated. We are involved in space exploration. If we meet up with an alien being will we then say, “I’m from Brighton or Brisbane or Benidorm” or we will say, “We are earthmen”.
The outcome of Brexit is still ahead. I came to Spain before they joined the EU and operated a business here and it was hard going until Spain entered the EU when we had support. My concern is for the younger generation who want to explore other countries and cultures, and like myself prosper and will not be blinkered by the outdated idea that Britain is still a “Global Power”


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