I voted remain


July 1

I voted remain in the Brexit referendum. Peter Henham (June29-July5) therefore brands me as someone with no faith in my country.
I voted remain not because I had money or subsidies to lose. I voted in order to secure a good future life for my children and grandchildren in England.
I have great faith in the innate abilities of most people in the United Kingdom. I have no faith in its establishment figures.
The lead up to the referendum was littered with false speculative claims on both sides. Comparing the current state of the country with those claims is as useful as arguing with the flat earth society.
The referendum results split the United Kingdom in two significant ways. One was a geographic divide between those north and south of Hadrian´s Wall. The northern group includes Northern Ireland. The second was a demographic split between the young and the less young.
The median line was around 34 years (gleaned from polls, since age is not recorded on actual votes).
I would suggest to Mr Henham that those two facts need some serious consideration and debate. They are far more important than the 4% leave majority in determining how the future plays out after 2019.
I am reminded of the ‘White Heat of technology’ speech by Harold Wilson in the 1960’s. It united a squabbling labour party and was hailed as the signal for the start of a great future. The establishment didn’t agree and I witnessed many of my contemporaries become part of the Brain Drain.
I fear the result of Mrs May’s Brexit negotiations may encourage a similar exodus of young talent after 2019.
This time it will be the Far East and not America calling!

Cliff Bell

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