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June 4, 2018

After the referendum Nigel Lawson, retired M.P., headed a pro-Brexit group in UK. At just this time, his son Dominic a writer for a national newspaper, mentioned that his father owned only one home, which was in France.
This prompted me to write to this group, as I was rather confused. Being in the same age group as the elder Lawson, it is not uncommon I find therefore I asked for clarification. If this were his only home, surely like myself, he would want to be a fiscal resident submitting an annual tax return, paying into the system that provides his local area of essential facilities.
This being the case how could he be at the forefront of this organisation as non-resident in Britain. In the same situation, I cannot have a UK Bank account any longer nor do I have a vote there.
In fact, my Grandmother 100 years ago, due to the Suffragette Movement, had more of a voice in my birth country than I do now. The reply I received said I would be answered shortly. Almost two years have passed and I am still waiting. This week it is reported that Mr. Nigel Lawson has been asked by the French authorities to apply for the ‘Carte de Sejour’, which I believe, is similar to the ‘residencia’ we need here.
If this is correct, he is only being urged to do the same as here, by the Consulate telling ex-pats to become legally resident. This is someone who was a prominent MP in British politics.
If he had been burgled, would he have expected the French Police to investigate? Did he ever put out any rubbish to be collected? And should a forest fire threaten his property, should the fire service turn out?
Obviously not because he wasn’t contributing like so many of us responsible people to fund these things and be part of our community. Another case I feel of ’I want my cake and eat it too’.

Celia Frances Symonds

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