Long letters


June 3

Dear Editor,
I like to read the Letters Page, usually. However, when I see 24 column inches devoted to one work of individual opinion, I groan (Cliff Bell, June 1-7 edition) and move on.
Can I ask a couple of question? Does anybody read such tomes?
Does printing such a letter prevent the publication of other shorter and perhaps more relevant letters?
I believe in brevity. Verbosity does not mean relevance.
Should not the Editor impose some sort of limit on the length of letters?

Yours faithfully
Chris James

Dear Mr James
As you can see, we do print brief letters too. However, some letters are considerably longer (even after we have edited them to allow more space). While we try to get as many letters in as once, we do believe that occasionally a longer letter must be allowed to order to respect everyone’s right to express their view – even if they are quite extensive.

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