Don’t Quit


If life’s road seems to be a struggle up hill.
When mores’ going wrong and it sometimes will.
Success may be near when it seems so far.
You never can tell how near you are.
When all about you seems trouble and strife.
Now is the time to take your handle on life.
Your own immediate problems are your priority.
To remedy the others around is your secondary.
Stick to life’s tasks, just have no doubt.
Success is life’s problems turned about.
When dark is all around you and faraway is lit.
When things are going wrong, surmount bit by bit.
There are ups, there are downs, all can re-arrange.
Don’t take quitting for granted, when all can change.
There is always some daylight at the top of a pit.
Stop and think as you must, but just don’t quit.
Life’s worries entering your mind, expanding and bolder.
Time to blind side that devil, peeping over your shoulder.
Look for that brightness, “it’s there” midst the gloom.
It’s “there” hiding from you, just give it some “room”.
When life seems very low and stuck in the depths.
There are always little upward and positive steps.
Never quit, just surmount, keeping troubles on hold.
In life’s struggles onwards, will appear edges of gold.

With regards from
Mick Scarles (SW19expat)

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