Flood contamination: Costa Calida September 2019

October 6
Please could you do a follow up to the September floods along the Costa Calida Coast.
As flood survivors who are still deep cleaning our property, we have become aware that many people are just using general cleaning products, which may not be adequate considering the mixtures that could be still present in their homes.
They may not immediately see a problem but when the heating goes on, the bacteria could resurface and be a health hazard.
Many people think that think that the inundation was just water and mud: clearly for some this may not be the case.
Somebody has to be held to account for what is discharged into the poorly maintained Ramblas, the lack of maintenance of the Segura and reservoirs. T
hey should also offer aid to people affected or compensate them. I doubt the consortium will be able to provide more than the standard cleaning allowance.
Both these items were not accessible for over a week; if this can happen so quickly whatever was in our deluge was corrosive!
Please try and highlight these issues in some form. Thank you.
Sue Dobbs


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