Dog mess spoiling town

October 14
Dear Sir/Madam,
We live in Altea part of the time and love this beautiful town. However, I cannot understand why it is so far behind the times regarding dog mess and litter.
The streets are frequently fouled by dog excrement and you have to be vigilant where you walk; it is truthfully disgusting.
We have noticed that other small towns and villages do not seem to have this problem and can only assume they have much more stringent policies or are much more serious about enforcement.
I have noticed one sign in the town threatening a €2000 fine for fouling; has anyone every been fined? Do they really not care or is it just that the police are not encouraged to enforce the law?
Also, litter! We have frequently seen lovely places full of litter and broken bottles, the policy seems to allow for people just dropping stuff anywhere and then the street cleaners clearing it up the following day, what an appalling way to teach social concern!
Surely all of this is totally unacceptable in a beautiful town that describes itself as the ‘Jewel of the Costa Blanca’.
(name withheld)

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