It’s such a long time ago since I was a lad.
Come over here and sit for a chat with Grandad.
I just watched you both playing and running so fast.
I used to do that, although it just didn’t last.
I now may not notice all those things that you do.
You’ll notice as you grow older, this may happen with you.
Sometimes I might seem to have far away eyes.
It’s when I’m thinking I was like you, so young and wise.
Just find a sprinkling of fun in all things that you do.
A sense of humour and a laugh will help get you through.
Make use of young days to try and get all things done.
As your body grows older, some things don’t seem much fun.
Try to get it all done while you’re still young and smart.
Before nature comes to take its final toll on your heart.
Don’t prioritise your looks, they will all fade away.
You may never notice they’ll change a little each day.
But old age just quietly meanders on, nature is cruel.
It sometimes makes Grandad seem like a fool.
You have an old Grandad who stumbles and forgets.
But to have you here with me now, there are no regrets.
I may sometimes lose my keys or maybe my hat.
But old age overcomes, someday you may even do that.
I know you smile and laugh at some things that I do.
I can’t stop natures march, but you’ll try surviving it to.
I sometimes spill tea and have a blabbery tongue.
Lose a sock or a vest before my washing is hung.
I never knew all this would happen when I was a boy.
But seeing you here, fills this old heart with such joy.
For all things over your lifetime, nothing ever will last.
Old age events unforetold, your futures’ never forecast.
Remember inside an old brain a young mind can dwell.
When you have families of your own, stories you’ll have to tell.
When I was young I had a lovely father and mother.
Who looked after me well and loved one another.
As I grew older I first met young Alice, your lovely Gran.
I saw such joy in her face, I was her number one fan.
We all sadly miss her, our family’s bright shining ray.
There’s a hole in our hearts, since Angels took her away.
She’s not with us now, but watches out on your pathways anew.
I will join her one day, then both of us, will watch over you.

With regards
Mick Scarles (SW19 expat)

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