Climate change

Guardamar del Segura
November 13
Eleven thousand scientists have said we are facing climate emergency. They have done their best to warn us. We have to do our part. We can create walking tours and clean the soil of billions of plastics and trash.
Visiting my 103-year-old daddy, I do this, picking up trash every day, but I deeply wish for company. I found as well dying plants due to no water. We can create watering clubs for dying plants in the neighbourhood area.
We can ask where is it possible to plant trees and start tree planting clubs. We are all in the same boat. And if millions of us ordinary citizens change our consumer habits to help our planet even step by step it will be better than nothing.
We can make our planet healthy again if we start now to do good actions for our home, planet Earth.
Riitta Wahlström

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