Large reduction in reported cases


Councillor for health in Valencia region, Ana Barceló has just revealed the latest figures relating to the coronavirus outbreak for the previous 24 hours.

Sra Barceló noted that there have been 326 new cases in the Valencia region – more than half the number reported yesterday (750).

The number of deaths rose by 43 to 310.

Commenting on the new cases, Sra Barceló explained that 44 were in Castellón province, 105 in Alicante province and 177 in Valencia.

A total of 2,042 coronavirus patients are being treated in hospital in the Valencia region, with 336 of these in intensive care wards.

A total of 826 healthcare professionals have tested positive for the virus, noted Sra Barceló.

A total of 185 people have recovered from Covid-19 in Valencia region.



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