August 22
Obviously, Sue Wilson doesn´t believe in democracy, so jumps onto the minority bandwagon to delight in derailing the Brexit negotiations, aided by Alistair what-is-name.
Clearly, she prefers to succumb to the rule of the unelected quagmire known as the EU. Who constantly overrule British judges, enforce thousands of pounds paid to terrorists, and prevent foreign criminals and other undesirables from being deported. Does Ms W agree to that? Hasn´t she noticed that since the referendum, investment in the UK is booming?  The mess she refers to is caused by the likes of her and her ilk. Her protests at this or that event she plans to visit will achieve nothing, except being a nuisance to the majority, and making a forlorn name for herself. Why doesn´t she put her energy into helping Brexit?
There is more, but have partially said my piece.

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  1. The UK government is at odds with key questions, and still believes that it can retain key benefits of EU membership. There is a strange mixture of dilettantism and self-exaggeration. No more Japanese and German,Chinese investments in the UK since January. So help god! There is a pint reached that the majority of EU citizen don´t want any UK remain in the EU. So just leave and that´s is the end. Finito, basta.

  2. To suggest that Sue Wilson is against democracy is one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard.

    To accuse her of derailing negotiations is further evidence of lunacy.

    What is derailing the negotiations is the belief of the part of The UK that can maintain all benefits with any obligation and coupled with their fantasy that they can control the negotiations and drive them, they are rapidly heading towards no deal.

    It’s time the “Brexiteers” realised there folly and it’s high time U.K. realised they are on the back foot here

  3. I’m not going to bother responding to specific points raised by GWN as it’s clearly such ill-informed nonsense as to be a complete waste of time. I will just say that those holding similar false hopes that Brexit will make UK great again, & open UK up to a world of new opportunities are going to be severely disappointed. As those trying to steer this rudderless ship know full well, Brexit can only be a complete & utter disaster, for the UK economy, it’s reputation & it’s future. Businesses will suffer, but more importantly, people will suffer, especially those with limited means.
    What keeps me, & thousands like me going through all this, is that the British public are changing their minds – not GWN obviously, but hundreds of thousands of others, & the “will of the people” has come to mean something quite different. The reason so many Leavers are so angry is because they are seriously worried that Brexit won’t happen – they can see the writing on the wall, & the fact that May no longer has the power to make it happen.
    I am proud to be European, & grateful that I do have the European courts for my protection – I certainly don’t trust UK to protect my rights – they had to be made to go to court just to give parliament their legal right of involvement.
    I will continue to spend every waking moment possible doing all I can to protect citizens rights, ours & EU citizens in UK, but the best way to do that is to stop Brexit. I’m working on that!

  4. It saddens me that people who have used all the benefits of EU membership in order to come and live in Spain, have this “little britain” mentality.
    But let’s look at some of the author’s points:
    1) “Sue Wilson doesn’t believe in democracy.” Is it democracy that 3 million Britons who have lived in the EU for more than 15 years were denied the right to vote? Or that the 3 million EU citizens living and working in the UK, paying taxes to the UK, should have no say in the referendum? Is it democracy for the Public never to be able to change their minds about the result of a vote (if so, why do we have elections every 5 years?). These are all things that Sue Wilson is fighting against.

    2) “The unelected quagmire that is the EU”. Clearly the author does not have any idea of how the EU functions. All legislation proposed by the European Commission has to be agreed by the European Parliament, made up of elected MEPs. The author might find this article useful:

    3) “Since the referendum, UK investment is booming”. Not according to a Financial Times report dated August 24, which says that in the year since the referendum, Business Investment has stagnated.

    I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point. It saddens me that people are still falling for the bulls**t that the populist right-wing media in the UK are dishing out – although I see that even the Express this week has reported on the German view that our negotiation team are “Clueless” without feeling the need to refute it!

    As for derailing the Brexit negotiations – I think David Davis, Liam Fox, Boris Johnson, etc., are doing a pretty good job of derailing it themselves! They still seem to be under the delusion that we can have our cake and eat it.

  5. The UK economy isn’t booming it is now the worst performing of the G7. Spain’s economy is growing 3 times faster than the UK. Any profits that are gained from the weak pound in exports are not being ploughed back into the UK, they are being stashed in off shore accounts because of lack of confidence in the UK economy. As for decomocracy. How democratic is it to proceed on a vote where thousands of British citizens overseas were denied the right to vote?

  6. Dear GWN,

    I know Sue Wilson and can assure you that she is a fervent believer in democracy.

    She, as many others, do not believe that “Brexit” is in the interests of Britain, the British generally and the British who live in the EU27 countries specifically. That is her right!

    It is also her right to oppose Brexit. The whole Brexit process has been flawed and undemocratic. The Referendum vote was in favour of leaving the EU but only narrowly. The Referendum was not a decision by the British people to leave the EU. It was an indication that a number of British citizens want to leave the EU. The democratic process dictated that Members of Parliament had to decide whether to invoke Article 50 (thereby commencing the withdrawal process) or not. Mrs May was content to ignore this and claimed the authority to take the decision herself. The Supreme Court put an end to that flight of fancy BUT instead of upholding the process of democracy and respecting the Rule of Law, the Conservatives – and Labour – whipped MPs into voting for “Brexit”.

    The democratic process has not been followed.

    Mrs Wilson is quite entitled to oppose what many, me included, believe will turn out to be a disaster. I am a firm “Remainer” and applaud Mrs Wilson for taking the stance that she has. Mrs Wilson is now fighting alongside British in Europe to look after the rights of British citizens living in the EU.

    I strongly recommend that you visit the site to inform yourself!

  7. How silly GWN is. Apparently like the Japanese soldier who, isolated until the 1970s, never found out that WW2 had ended, he is the only one who doesn’t know by now that the referendum vote was based on blatant lies. It can therefore hardly be described properly as democratic. He is correct, however, when he states that Sue Wilson has not noticed massive investment in the UK since the vote. That’s because, like the extra £350 million a week (or was it per minute?) promised by the Leave Campaign to the NHS, it is a complete lie. In a way, one should pity GWN and his ilk, as they are still so blind to their self-destructive mistake, but it’s hard to do so when they have caused so much damage to others.

  8. I just cannot believe the comment made by G.W.N., no wonder you haven’t put your proper name in print. I take you are a UK immigrant living in Spain? And allowed to because you are an EU Citizen.
    Sue Wilson and Bremain in Spain are working tirelessly for UK & EU #CitizensRight,. People like you do not deserve her compassion and dedication. You are a complete embarrasment.
    As for investment booming in the UK you are obviously way out of touch.

  9. G.W.N. I take it that English is not your first language as “what-is-name” should be what’s-his-name and “….enforce thousands of pounds…” doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. I also note that you have put a full stop and a capital letter in the middle of a sentence “…EU. Who…” The British Government sell arms to Saudi Arabia enabling them to kill thousands of innocent Yemenis and the Government actually profits from terrorism. With regard to Sue Wilson she is doing a sterling job fighting to stop brexit and in the meantime doing her best to protect the rights of UK citizens living in EU countries and EU citizens residing in the UK. She is well-respected for the work she carries out on behalf of millions of people affected by the outcome of the Referendum. It is now widely recognised that the leave campaign was based on lies and is not therefore a democratic result. You should be thanking Sue Wilson for her tireless dedication to stop brexit because if it were to happen it would be the end of the UK as we now know it.

  10. What rubbish. I take it that you are a Brit living in Spain while wishing to “leave” the UK. I suggest you go and support the UK, in that case, by living there and supporting Brexit in person. Can you state one clear advantage – supported by valid research – of how leaving the UK will benefit British citizens? I await your response.

  11. What a load of twiddle .. where on earth do you get your information from GWN and why are you anonymous I wonder ?
    I’m still trying to understand this whole almighty mess from a ‘quitters’ point of view and still you lot are banging on about the same load of rubbish you were fed leading up to the referendum .

    It seems that unlike some of the more intelligent Leave voters who can now see the evidence and consequences of their mistake of belivng the lies and misinformation, there are some like you who are too pig headed to admit how wrong you are .
    Go read up on some facts and truths and then come back … because until then it’s just not worth discussing this issue with you .


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