Golfing overdose


May 23, 2016

Tony McCarthy’s letter “Too Much Golf” in last week’s letters (May 13-19) took the words right out of my mouth. I too have been meaning to write about the same subject. The pages are far too many – always full-colour pictures of the same old golfers.
You cannot compare golf with other sports such as cycling, running and swimming. These sports deserve to be the main coverage in your sports section, where men and women have to put their whole energy and fitness into the sport. They cannot retreat to the club house so easily for refreshments, as we see the golfers with their drinks in hand every week in your sports section.
The golfing pages are so boring… time for a change!


Dear Anonymous
As we pointed out last week, our pages are open to all other sports and local clubs that wish to publish their activities. Contact Jasmine at
Admittedly, golf is a very popular sport among expats and visitors, hence the coverage. Those who do not like football also have to ‘ignore’ four pages we dedicate to it every week.
We thank you for your readership and your time to point out what you dislike in CBNews, and we are working on improving the newspaper every week.

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