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December 28, 2016

Sorry that this needs printing, but I am cold, hungry and very disappointed with the people around me.
Ten days ago my car broke down. It has been at the garage I bought it from, but is not repaired as yet. Since then, down came the rain. I was flooded badly – carpets, beds, washing machine, fridge and much more, but worse of all, my generator and batteries that keep my solar system going (panels ok), so am without light or TV.
I am aged 75 and live alone on the mountain overlooking Muro and Cocentaina. I have a serious heart problem, therefore cannot walk more than 20 yards and rely on my car.
A good neighbour has helped me, but she is now ill, therefore that is why me and my cats are hungry.
As I am from Wales I know that people, even strangers, will help people who are in my situation, but I am sadly disappointed with the community in Spain.
I have helped people in the past and put on various events to finance those in need. I cannot even get my doctor here as she could refer me to Social Services.
So in desperation I have written to Costa Blanca News, which I have bought and relied on for the 25 years I have lived here.
Please keep this anonymous.

We received this email without any contact details whatsoever and with the express wish that the email address from which it was sent was not published. Costa Blanca News would like to call on any readers in the area who may know who this is to contact her and us so some help can be arranged for her.

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