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December 26, 2016

Dear Sirs
Many of your readers will be interested to learn I have tabled a petition to the UK government to stop this Brexit nonsense now.
Here is a text of the petition:
“Stop this Brexit nonsense; declare that Britain will play a leading role in the EU.
Totally unfairly, 5 million British expats and over 2 million EU residents in Britain were not allowed to vote in the referendum. Add in these people’s views, and you get a big majority for remaining in the EU. In spite of this, the government is leaving, is in a shambles, and wastes money like mad.
I am a British citizen living in Spain who was not on any electoral register in the UK. I am greatly affected by Brexit. I was not allowed to vote. The way the British government has handled this is abominable. Their campaign to stay in was so lukewarm it looked like they secretly wanted the people to vote no. The campaign to stay out was so misleading they would be sued if they had been a private company flogging a product with such blatant lies. The bottom line is the people want to stay in.”
Those readers who wish to join me in signing the petition should email me at saying I wish to sign petition, and I will send them the link to do so. If we can get momentum going and get all remainers to sign, we may be able to save our European citizenship before it is too late. If more people sign this petition than voted for Brexit, I don´t see how the government can have any mandate at all to proceed with Brexit. It is of vital importance that we all sign this soon. Remember, just email me at Thank you.

Yours faithfully
Anthony Wolseley Wilmsen

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