Wine with legs (Part 2)


Vineyards have their own personality – odd though that sounds. So do vines – even stranger? Let me explain: you may have seen the Oz Clarke/James May wine series of a few years back. Although I often found the director’s stage-managing of the programmes rather irritating (they dumbed-down James May trying to make him into an uncultured guy, when he clearly isn’t!) I did enjoy them, learning from them too.
Well, James ‘learned to his astonishment’ (yeah, right!) that there can be remarkable differences between two adjacent vineyards separated only by a hardly used road. Same vines, same age, same production methods etc, but producing very different wines..

NB There’s a Magnum of red wine from Finca Antigua up for grabs on the Fine Wine & Gourmet Dine Programme on Sunday 7th May! Show starts 18:00 – 20:00 hrs and Total FM 91.8

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