New Year’s resolutions for 2017


Remarkably, I’m well ahead of myself this year. As I write, there are a full two weeks to go before this article appears in all the 150,000 copies of the Costa News Group and online, and yet, unlike previous years, I’m right up to date!
This week ‘Cork Talk’ is about some wine-related advice when it comes to New Year’s resolutions.
My first NYR is to drink more water! If you remember your previous life (those of you who are living in Spain or share your time between the UK and Spain), like myself, you probably didn’t worry too much about taking on water. A few summers here on the Costas soon let you know that those who are advising us to drink lots of water are absolutely correct.
And this doesn’t just apply in the summer, it’s a good habit for the whole of the year – the more so when taking on board alcohol as well. I drink wine with my evening meal, probably every day. Of course you’ll understand that this is mostly for professional reasons – I mean, be fair, I have to assess the wines’ possibilities regarding food pairing options.

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