When will Benidorm be finished?

December 26
Once again, we have chosen Benidorm to spend Christmas and New Year, but I fear it could be the last time.
Last year we found dozens of roadworks throughout the town, and we expected them to be finished this year. But not only have we found the same ones but it there not actually seems to be more of them.
Obviously, the town centre square in still under construction, but getting there by road seems almost impossible anyway.
Is it true that they want to make this a one-lane road now? Seems bizarre due to the amount of traffic we see around Benidorm although we tend to stay in the Rincon area. Can someone in the town hall please get it sorted?
This year we were told there was a party on Christmas Eve afternoon in the little alleys in the town centre, but trying to get there was a bit of a nightmare even by taxi.
Luckily, we enjoy the celebrations at our hotel and the general atmosphere in the streets – not to mention the chance of being able to paddle in the Med on Christmas day!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all – but all I want for Christmas is….Benidorm to be finished.
John Dudley
Mr Dudley
Road works along the Avenida Mediterraneo stretch between Avenida Europa and Plaza Hispanidad (the town centre square) are scheduled for completion next year and yes, it will become a single-lane in each direction of traffic. Glad you at least enjoyed the atmosphere, which is something that happy not ‘under construction’.

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