Chippy blast shocks Benidorm


Several establishments and streets had to be evacuated in Benidorm’s Rincón de Loix area today (Tuesday) after a gas explosion shattered the front of Dave’s Chippy in the so-called ‘Brit-zone’.
No one was seriously hurt, but after emergency services found a large number of gas bottles on the premises, they decided to evacuate nearby shops and bars on Calles Cuenca and Ibiza as a precaution.

Photos by Irena Bodnarec

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  1. Well,well all i can say is accident waiting to happen never take chances with gas,near the end of last year went in here for my usual fish supper,was told by the woman you,ll have a wait we’re having problems with the fryer the gas keeps going out & the fryers not heating up to the required temperture to fry,i said ok i.ll wait i,ll do the rest of my shopping & come back,went back gas still not working i suggested maybe they need to put new gas bottle on,no that one just went on today,ok how long now because thats over an hour? the guy comes out & says right got yours here but not making anymore the gas just isnt heating,so off i go with my food gets home what a disgusting mess the grease filled chips had morphed into a large ball of greasy potatoes and the fish the oil was running out of it yuk right into bin,Next day i went up to complain the woman from the night before denied any knowledge of gas problems i was like oh my god you must remember i was in last night the gas wasnt working i waited over an hour,NO I DONT REMEMBER THAT I REMEMBER YOU BEING IN BUT NOTHING ELSE,i said uch know what forget it im not gonna argue over a fish supper i mean im in here about 2/3 times a week sitting in or take aways for the past 5 years but i wont be back,guess they did have a problem & they are very lucky no customers where hurt,guess they never dealt with the problem now they’re facing the consequences and im sure it will cost more than it would have cost to repair the problem in the 1st place,probs trying to save money well you should never take chances with gas OR peoples life. ,


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