Traffic woes

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Los Dolses
February 14

Dear Editor,

We have often denounced the high volume of traffic and the non-compliance with traffic regulations, combined with the enormous noise and environmental pollution in Calle Papaya in Los Dolses/Orihuela Costa. We have denounced this many times to the police and the town hall for more than 10 years.

It is a small street in a residential area with a single lane and a continuous line. In addition, it has the traffic signs Tempo 30 and prohibited passage for trucks. Also a reference to radar controls. This small street has a traffic volume of more than 1,000 vehicles from morning to night. There is no quiet moment.

But absolutely nothing happens. On the contrary, traffic signs are destroyed and are no longer renewed. You can barely see the solid line.

Cars rush down the street at full speed, numerous trucks and vans ignore the traffic ban. The noise level is so high, exhaust gases and particles that it is impossible to stay in the gardens and terraces that line the street.

The police and the city council do absolutely nothing, no control, no renewal of the signs or the demarcation of the lanes.

Meanwhile, there are reports in the press that traffic controls are being tightened and fines are being increased.

However, if there are no controls, road users will not comply with existing regulations. We neighbours keep asking ourselves why nothing is done. It is the job of the police to ensure safety and order. This cannot be explained by lack of staff.

It gives the impression that the competent authorities do not care if the rules are met or not. Perhaps it is also due to the fact that only foreign citizens live in this residential area, who invest in the economy, but whose interests should not be pursued.

With best greetings
Tim Woods

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