Agility in dog parks warning

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February 14

Dear Editor,

Over the past couple of years, local councils have decided to do more dog parks, this is wonderful, but what is not so clever is the fact they are now putting in agility equipment for dogs to ‘exercise’.

I spent many years in a multi-discipline dog club which included agility as a sport. It was drummed into our heads we were never ever to use the equipment without strict supervision by an instructor. It is all too easy for a dog to suffer an injury, especially going up or down the A-frame ramp. In fact this A-frame was always opened to a maximum so that it was not so steep for dogs new to the sport.

It is only a matter of time before a dog suffers a serious injury is traumatised by falling off the side of a ramp or see-saw.

Councils should before having these hair-brained ideas consult with professionals to avoid all these pitfalls.

Anybody wanting to do agility, should stay away from the equipment in these dog parks and join an agility club, where they will be taught the proper way to do this sport and at the same time the obstacles used are from specialist companies with all safety features to minimise injuries.

Alexandra Blair

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