The monovarietals of La Mancha


Agreed – it’s not a word in common use, except amongst the anorak-clad personnel of the wine world, like myself (although I actually eschew the anorak – I got lost I one when a child, scary experience, but I digress!).
However regular Cork Talk readers will certainly have come across the word ‘Monovarietal’ before and, of course, readers new to the delights of the Costa News’ dedicated wine column, established over 22 years ago, will quickly be able t ascertain that we are talking here about wines that are made with just one variety.
There can be a little confusion here in Spain, however. I’m not sure of the exact figure, but if a winemaker makes a wine using 85%(I think) of one variety she/he is quite within their rights to call it my that variety, without needing to mention those that make up the remaining 15%.

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