The referendum vote


June 16, 2018

Dear Sir,
Further to the letter of PDT, yes letters are important but with reference to his ‘small margin of difference’ in the referendum vote it is relevant to point out that 17.4 million people who voted out did so despite a fierce fear campaign by the government and most of them having little to gain personally except the benefits of freedom.
Many remainders however felt they had money and subsidies to lose and were thus biased. And this despite the fact that these monies depended on the British taxpayers, (the EU costs the UK must more than we get back). If you keep this in mind and we now find that it has not cost each family £3000, we have not lost a million jobs, the pound did not sink, the Bank of England’s threats and the ‘emergency budget’ didn’t happen, it is no wonder that every poll taken since the referendum shows an increasing percentage who want Brexit to come about.
The tragedy is that so many remainders have so little faith in their own country and are aiding our ‘friends’ in Europe to frustrate our efforts to once more free us from a slavish organisation that’s an expensive experiment which is failing. Britain will do far better alone. It is the, now small, minority who want to cling onto Mummy EU’s apron strings who are the ‘little Englanders’.

Peter Henham

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