Your Christmas Day wines here!


I always enjoy writing ‘Cork Talk’. Imparting (hopefully?) some of my passion for Spanish wine, as well as (maybe?) informing, and (perhaps?) to an extent, entertaining, is a weekly uplifting experience for me.
So, thank you readers, whether you collect your Costa News from the local ‘prensa’ on one of the four Costas (Blanca, del Sol, Levante and Almeria), or if you read online in whichever country you may be (hola Doug in Canada, for example!).
And of course, my annual Christmas Day wine recommendations is one of the articles that I enjoy most. It puts me in the mood for Christmas a few weeks before it happens, plus it always makes me think of readers enjoying their Christmas Day lunch/dinner heightened, perhaps by their enjoying one of the wines I’ve recommended. So on with the show!
Celebration is the name of the game on Christmas Day, so one thinks immediately of sparkling wine. Cava is going to fit the bill perfectly – however, for such a day, and to accompany all manner of amuse-bouches, it has to be Cava, and some! I’m talking Premium Cava, of course. It would be particularly thrilling for me to be able to recommend one of the new Cava de Paraje Calificada cavas, but at the time of writing, none are yet available.

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